Hello Again: Always Editing and Blogging

Whew. I haven’t been on here in months, but that’s not the complete truth. I’ve been on WordPress, just not mine. I got hired by an online event company marketer. So, I’m on WordPress ALL THE TIME, but I’m writing blogs for different people! It’s nice to write one for myself these days!

Anyways, my sister and I have gone through our first edit of that giant fantasy story, oh yeah, we wrote it too. We’re both excited to stop talking about writing it and actually write it.



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Duel Writing: What I Learned… So Far

My sister and I are writing a series together. We just recently finished the first draft of the first book. Here’s the problem. It’s screamingly obvious who wrote what, at least it is to me. I see this as a temporary issue only. After editing this sucker a million times, it should become impossible to tell who wrote what… in theory.

Anyways, what this taught me is that I have a writing style. This should be a “duh” moment, but I never realized it because I’m so familiar with my own writing style. But when placed right next to another’s writing, my style is so present it jumps off the page.

I noticed I get inside the character’s head often (WAY more so than my sister). I’m also fairly light on description and bothering to make sure everything sounds flowerly. I don’t care if something sounds prettier, if it makes something more difficult to read, I change it. Less is more. If you can say something in three words or seven, why bother with seven even if it sounds fancier? I also noticed I rely heavily on dialog to get a character’s emotions across.

The biggest difference is with actions scenes. My sister tends to pull back and paint pictures with words. And then you get to mine. Short sentences. Unfinished thoughts. The feeling of panic… I try to make you feel what the character is, are they scared, calm, on auto-pilot? I’m not sure if I succeed (Confession: only my sister has ready my work so far. Though, when I cut off an action scene to another one she said she was dying to get back to that character, so that’s a good sign). I’m not sure if one style is better than than the other because everyone has their own opinions, but it’s just some things I noticed about how I write. And actually, I quite like it.

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The More the Merrier

I just got hired! I am currently working for 3 people as an editor/writer/social media assistant. But this last one wasn’t a volunteer job! I now work for BeatCreative as an assistant. I can’t wait to get started (I kinda already did, edited a post on WordPress of all things). Also, my afmily made a deal. If my sister or I can get an agent to pick up one of our stories (not published, just an agent), trip to (somewhere in) Europe. Either they don’t believe it’s going to happen or they REALLY want to motivate us (though, this is just an extra thing).


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On Writing

I must have read a million “50 Writing Tips” articles. Every time I read them I would only notice one or two things that were different from other articles I’ve read about writing. For a little while, I stopped reading them. Not a good idea.

Looking back, I remember what little things I learned from reading them. Some examples are write short and simple sentences when writing an action or suspensful scene because you don’t want to slow the reader down with heavy-handed words. Another, one of my personal favorites, addressed that issue about not using words like “She shouted” too often (I once read a book where the characters mumbled all the time, my sister and I made a joke that if they ever made a movie no one would be able to hear it!) or worse, having to resort to something terrible like “He chortled”. No one chrotles anything, not in real life anyways. It’s either that or use the word said ad nauseum (and that doesn’t sound good either). Anyways, the article said you can take a different route. When a character is speaking, instead of putting some verb that indicates speech, write in an action instead. Did the person look down when they said it? Did they jump up and down, go pale? Sometimes, I think this tells more about how something was said then searching for the right verb.

Basically, what I’m saying is those Writing Tips articles are actually extremely helpful. I didn’t remember ingesting the information I read from them until I really thought about where I got some of those ideas from. I’m sure some people already know this, but some of you may be like me and think writing or seraching for the perfect agent is a better use of your time. It’s not. Read those articles!

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Back to School Soon

I know I’ve been slightly inconsistent with posts (okay, that may be a slight over exaggeration). But hey, it’s never too late to post again (right?). School is right around the corner (too close to admit, trust me) so I figured now would be a good time to try and pick this up again.

Anyways, a summary of what’s important since I left:


*Michigan man Brad Keselowski is the current NASCAR cup holder!

*Peyton Manning has done better than anyone expected, and for some reason Matt Ryan is still not getting the attention he deserves (PLEASE let it be those two head-to-head in the SuperBowl). Eli Manning couldn’t pull his crap together, and the Lions sucked as usual.

*Wait, this isn’t a blog about sports, sorry, but I’m a little too die-hard to not at least MENTION what’s going on there. I promise though, no more sports until the SuperBowl (unless I could care less who wins) and Daytona 5oo.

So, some stuff actually relevant to what I promised this blog was about:

*My sister and I started Once Upon a Time. About time. Its first season was one of the most well put-together premier seasons I have ever seen (and I’ve seen too many to admit in public)

*Ariel (my writing partner in crime) and I have finally started the epic YA fantasy series we started on a whim one day when we were REALLY bored two or three ish years ago

*Part of my christmas gift was money to spend on books! Maybe some reviews soon? (I’m currently reading Libba Bray’s The Diviners and I love it so far).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

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Shakespearean Insulter

Am I the only one who can spend hours getting insulted over and over? Most of the time, I wouldn’t take kindly to a non-stop string of insults, I’m sure most people would share this in common. If it’s Shakespeare insulting me, then it’s amazing. Someone listed this website where you get insulted by using a quote from one of Shakespeare’s plays. The only think to do on the website is to hit the button that says “Insult me again.” I’ve probably spent hours getting insulted. It’s extremely funny. Just thought I’d share this with you.


Here’s the URL: http://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/index.ht

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I’m Back!

Right when you thought I was done for and you would never get to read anything I posted ever again, I came back! For once, I wasn’t not posting because I forgot or because I got bored or couldn’t think of anything to write, but I got sick and had an interview! (Note: adding tags is dangerous on this thing, if you hit delete too many times it’ll take you off this page and you may end up having to write two posts, yea!)

While you guys may have loved reading what I wrote when I was spacy, I would have been embarressed. Why? You would be able to tell I was spacy. I also took a break from writing when I couldn’t think clearly but now I’m back on track with that too. (And now it’s time to tag this sucker again, wish me luck).

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