Joss Whedon Back to Television!

Joss Whedon Back to Television!

So, this post may be a tad late but I can still celebrate despite the fact it’s old news right?
Take a close look at those trends…
JOSS WHEDON! I promise I won’t fangirl over too much but… it’s Joss Whedon. The man is a genius.
Yesterday it was announced he was going to write and direct Avengers 2. Basically, it was announced that Avengers 2 will be just as magnificant as the first movie. While that’s exciting and great, I was even more excited about another announcement. Joss Whedon is coming back to TV! He’s hasn’t run a TV show since Dollhouse. The show is about Marvel superheros not in the movies but it takes place in the same universe.
I cannot wait to see the cast. I’m not big on commic books so I won’t geek out over the heros they chose but the actors is another story.
I mean come on, imagine this: Felicia Day and Fran Kranz playing a couple. I’m not sure I could handle that and I know I couldn’t handle it when Whedon eventually killed one of them off. I would make a wish list for the show but it would only consist of actors. I think Summer Galu would fit perfectly with this show. Also, I really hope he uses Alexis Denisof. I am throughly convinced Denisof could play any role Joss gave him. In the dream world, Nathan Fillion would be back too but he’s on Castle right now.


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August 8, 2012 · 5:29 pm

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