Finished Editing

I had every intention of writing a post yesterday but I didn’t. I will refrain from any form of self-punishment because I managed to finish the Arthurian Legend story! Well, I have the rough draft done. So far I have two beta readers (who will be getting the story shortly). After they are through with it, I will make changes based on their suggestions and then edit the story again. If I cannot find anymore beta readers, I’ll cross my fingers and hope two was enough to catch everything, and then think about sending it out. I have finished two novels before, one will never see the ligth of day. The other I love dearly but I want to write about, oh, 30 something books about those characters, so it would be nicer to try and get something more normal published first. This Arthurian Legend story will be three books at the most and I feel is more typical of YA without being the same as others. Guess what guys, no the boy/girl she saw in her dreams, no insta-love, no vampires, and no Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters (in my head, I hope it translated to paper but that’s what beta readers are for!). It’s long (over 60,000) but not too long for YA. Just wish me luck with this one, I think it may see the shelves someday. 


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