So I Have A Problem: Anyone Up for a 30 Book Series?

30 is a random number. I could honestly write endlessly about my monster hunters. I have always been fascinated with the idea of hunters. This may or may not have begun with the TV show Supernatural. Even if it did, I can remember seeing commericals for season 1 air after Smallville and reading the episode descriptions in USA Today and thinking, “This is like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys except they fight monsters!” I remember looking the show up and reading the two main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, were trained by an ex-marine to be these warriors. I was fascinated. Now I have read/seen tons of hunter or hunter-like characters and have seen similiar ideas in all of them. Things like what it means to be human, the differences between the hunters and the monsters, what to do with the nice monsters, what happens if you fall in love with the monster, etc… There’s so many interesting ethincal issuses you can explore on top of supernatural melodrama like Jace may have demon blood not angel blood in him to normal melodrama such as Xander and Anya are both nervous about getting married.

I have my own set of hunters and it’s not like I love them any more or less than any other character I’ve written about it’s I don’t think I could leave the world I created. I could write tons of stories about tons of different hunters in order to explore all the ideas I have. Or, I could write many stories about the same group. I decided to go with the latter. I just hope people will like the idea. Because I have so much time to build up relationships, I don’t have a single kissing scene in the first book. After reading complaint after complaint about “insta-love” I figured that would be okay. I’m not sure if the general public are upset about “insta-love” or just hard-core readers who post reviews on Goodreads. Series are popular with YA today but how long can the series get before people start complaining? Would anyone hate it if there was a series with a long story arc that didn’t play a huge role in every book? Obviously, this wouldn’t be a TV show so I would not get too “monster of the week” and every book would have hints and pieces of a larger arc but I am wondering if that is satisfying enough. Would people be made if they picked up book two and figured out only two or more new things and no one has still kissed or would it make things more rewarding when the answers came and the couples finally did kiss? 



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2 responses to “So I Have A Problem: Anyone Up for a 30 Book Series?

  1. AlisonNicola

    I would say it all depends! As a hopeful series writer myself, I can relate to what you’re thinking. To give my opinion about the “no-kiss-in-the-first-book” relationship and the long series, I would say why not? I’m not a huge fan of insta-love myself, so it’s a bit refreshing to hear that you want to write a series where the relationship is not immediately evident in the first book. I do, however, think that insta-love is not a bad thing, but only if it’s written well.

    As for the series becoming too long, it really depends on the writing. If you have a well-planned series, where you can keep the audience interested and wanting more, then I’m all for it! Think of your favorite series, and consider why you enjoyed it. What qualities did it have that kept you interested in continuing with it? Then, consider a series you could not stand. What qualities did that series have that made you stop with it?

    It sounds like you have a really interesting idea! I would encourage you to keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks! I don’t hate all cases of “insta-love” (like Sam and Grace in Shiver) but I just don’t think it would fit in the world I created for that story. Glad to hear you like the idea of slow-burn relationships!

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