First Day of Classes

A little off-topic but more of a notice. My first class is today so I may be posting less. I’m sure I’ll still have time to write at least once a week (so no one panic lol). Anyways, I always feel better when I write stuff out so here it is. I’m a bit nervous. I’m not nervous about the class or the teacher or even having a new class or teacher but finding things. I am horrid with directions. I am attending a HUGE campus. My previous campus was small as was my high school. I’m just terrified I won’t find parking or my class in time. I am sure everything will be find but it’s about 10 minutes before I leave (and I am leaving an hour-and-a-half early) so I cannot think of anything to do than get nervous. Public speaking doesn’t phase me; being late for class, a re-occuring nightmare. Oh well… I suppose I’ll update later, if not here on Twitter I guess. I guess I just have to take a deep breath and trust God. 




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4 responses to “First Day of Classes

  1. Trust God, leave early, keep a campus map with you and a road map nearby (have a couple of possible parking spots marked on the map.) Smile and ask directions (the latter are great ways to meet people and make friends). Oh, and after you park, make sure you note where you are (forgetting where I parked my car IS my recurring nightmare and as I get older…well, let’s just say my car is not always where I left it.) Good luck!

    • Thanks! I had to ask a few people to find the building my class was in but other than that I had no problems. I just stress over little things I guess. My recurring nightmare is being late for class lol.

  2. You will do fine!! I did everything that martyjbird stated, and I once forgot where I parked my car. I got to know the campus police very well (LOL) They are also there to help if you need them. Since then, I have many friends all across the world. You have planned everything well, Trust God and you have nothing to worry about. Best of Luck to you for this new School year 🙂

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