Shattered Glass, New Ideas, Stupid Internet

I just finished reading/editing my sister’s book Shattered Glass. It’s in the beta reader stage. She doesn’t think it will be long before she tries to get an agent to accept it and that will be exciting (or dissapointing but even Harry Potter was turned down over and over so…). 

I am currently working on the second hunter’s story. My sister finished reading the Arthurian Legend story so I need to look at her suggestions and make changes as I see fit. I still have to plot out the end of that story. The problem is I could go in so many directions I keep thinking, “I could do this, or that, or what about that!” without ever sticking to one and fleshing it out. I did, however, finally figure out how to tell a story about someone who can manuplite fire. No one has any idea how exciting that is for me because I had that story idea for some time.

I would be writing right now if I could but I have school work I have to do. The thing is, the article I have to read is online. I could not be writing this article if the internet was working but it’s on Blackboard, which isn’t working. It hasn’t been working since I woke up (trust me I keep checking). This article is massive (I only have one for Tuesday so it HAS to be large). I have to write a 1-2 page response and I know I’ll have to keep trimming mine to keep it on two pages. I still have to find what I’m going to write about and everything. It’s just fustraiting because I want to get ahead, I want to be done with my school work by the end of the day and I’m not sure I can. I guess I may just be working on this paper till one in the morning if that’s how long it takes me to get this stupid website to work. 



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2 responses to “Shattered Glass, New Ideas, Stupid Internet

  1. Did you get your response finished? And no more than two pages? Inquiring minds want to know, and all that.

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