The More the Merrier

I just got hired! I am currently working for 3 people as an editor/writer/social media assistant. But this last one wasn’t a volunteer job! I now work for BeatCreative as an assistant. I can’t wait to get started (I kinda already did, edited a post on WordPress of all things). Also, my afmily made a deal. If my sister or I can get an agent to pick up one of our stories (not published, just an agent), trip to (somewhere in) Europe. Either they don’t believe it’s going to happen or they REALLY want to motivate us (though, this is just an extra thing).



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2 responses to “The More the Merrier

  1. Congrats. (Oh, and get your blog editor (you) to edit your post just a wee bit. 🙂 Now find that agent!

  2. Thanks for catching that lol. I was in a rush 🙂

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