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  1. Ok. Cousin Marty here. Pete and Verna’s kid. Stephen’s brother.

    At Panera in Livonia, Michigan (Detroit suburb) on a bright beautiful Sunday reading my mail, drinking a cuppa Joe (half regular/half decaf) and eating a bagel (cinnamon crunch). Wading through your posts. Understand the 24 reference (NASCAR fan myself but lean more toward 48). So much you write about I don’t understand. Like the Monstrumologist reference. And trying to figure out what is. Thank goodness for Wikipedia and Google. (Tip: Add some links to your posts to make it easy for us clueless types to find out what is being talked about, although I am sooooooo clueless it seems that you’d have to put in a whole bunch-o-links and I probably STILL wouldn’t understand so maybe just throw one in once in a while and call it a day.)

    I do understand the King Arthur references (at least I THINK they are about KA. Loved reading about him and Merlin when I was younger. Especially the Mary Stewart trilogy that looks at Arthur from Merlin’s perspective.

    Anyway, I suppose your posts aren’t meant for Pete & Verna’s kid anyway, or anyone getting “long in the tooth.” However, I will follow you and read them. Might keep the brain cells functioning. Plus, you are a good writer and we both share a love of reading, literature and God, along with NASCAR and movies. Maybe not the same TV programs since I don’t (gasp) have cable. or Internet at home (hence Panera on a Sunday AM).

    My blogs are a bit more conventional than yours. A blog that offers information on the history of Clare County, Michigan ( is my primary one. It changed from a general blog to a specialized one since I found that works best and a specialized blog tends to get more readers (unless one is writing about Clare County, Michigan history, a topic that doesn’t tend to draw many readers). I also have a random musings blog ( It’s kinda my bucket blog for whatever doesn’t fit into history.

    Anyway, I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go. There isn’t a…oops, sorry. Broke off into song there for a moment. One long before your time. And your mom’s. A song that probably won’t ever show up on One that brings back memories of my youth. Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories of the way we…

    Darn. Doing it again. Best I go now. Time for church. Be well. I wish you happiness. Wish I could sit and talk to you sometime.Hard having family far away. Especially family that intrigues me.

    Best regards,

    Cousin M

    • Ha, I think you’d be surprised by how many songs are on lastfm! Older music is some of my favorite, the new stuff on the radio is rubbish for the most part. You’ll probably see me rant about it on twitter or here. I wouldn’t feel too bad about not knowing what the Monstrumologist is, almost no one does. I watch too much TV, I’d save so much time if I didn’t have cable lol. Looking forward to talking online!


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