I know this is off topic but I’m a HUGE NASCAR fan, like, I live and breathe the sport. My #1 is Jeff Gordon, alway has been always will be. He flat-out sucked this year. Well, okay, maybe it was just really sucky luck. But Gordon managed a win, then he started finishing half-way decently. It came down to the last race, this race at Richmond. At lap 143 he was 21st, one lap down.

He finished second, 3 points ahead of Kyle Bush. GORDON MADE THE CHASE! I can’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe it. Kasey Kahne was the other wild card spot and that’s amazing too. I feel horrible for Kyle Bush, but someone had to get kicked out. I haven’t seen Gordon race that hard in a long time. 

This is even better because my birthday is a few days away. This is a fairy tale, for me at least (and Gordon). If you haven’t guessed it yet, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a die-hard fan. Seriously, I just can’t… I would have never thought he would do this, but who am I kidding. He’s Jeff Gordon. I’ve seen him come back from worse. Gordon in the Chase! He’s 12 points out of the win. He could win the championship. I’m on cloud 9 right now. 



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Shattered Glass, New Ideas, Stupid Internet

I just finished reading/editing my sister’s book Shattered Glass. It’s in the beta reader stage. She doesn’t think it will be long before she tries to get an agent to accept it and that will be exciting (or dissapointing but even Harry Potter was turned down over and over so…). 

I am currently working on the second hunter’s story. My sister finished reading the Arthurian Legend story so I need to look at her suggestions and make changes as I see fit. I still have to plot out the end of that story. The problem is I could go in so many directions I keep thinking, “I could do this, or that, or what about that!” without ever sticking to one and fleshing it out. I did, however, finally figure out how to tell a story about someone who can manuplite fire. No one has any idea how exciting that is for me because I had that story idea for some time.

I would be writing right now if I could but I have school work I have to do. The thing is, the article I have to read is online. I could not be writing this article if the internet was working but it’s on Blackboard, which isn’t working. It hasn’t been working since I woke up (trust me I keep checking). This article is massive (I only have one for Tuesday so it HAS to be large). I have to write a 1-2 page response and I know I’ll have to keep trimming mine to keep it on two pages. I still have to find what I’m going to write about and everything. It’s just fustraiting because I want to get ahead, I want to be done with my school work by the end of the day and I’m not sure I can. I guess I may just be working on this paper till one in the morning if that’s how long it takes me to get this stupid website to work. 


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YA High Fantasy

Hello world (well, mostly those who read young adult or high fantasy). My sister and I are working on a young adult/high fantasy series. We’ve been working on it for over a year…. (you did not read that wrong). It’s difficult because we have to agree on every small detail which is not small feat. We don’t just have the fact we are sisters working against us, but artists too and if you have ever seen on of those team challenges on Project Runway, you know artists don’t play well together. Luckily, my sister and I do play well, but that does not mean we disagree. Last night we were arguing over what the basic style of some of the lands were…. Not kidding.

Anyways, I was curious if young adult fans would read something considered high fantasy (well, I suppose by virtue of being a young adult novel (thus highly character focused) maybe it’s just middle fantasy… I’ll get experts chose after it’s published). I am also curious if high fantasy readers will see the typical YA cover and not read it despite the fact we’ve spent hours over maps and culture. 

It seems I keep asking this question, this “would read blank if I wrote it?” Is that good or bad I wonder. Good because my stories are not about vampires falling for werewolves or bad because no one has written that because no one will read that…. I suppose we will find out soon enough! 



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First Day of Classes

A little off-topic but more of a notice. My first class is today so I may be posting less. I’m sure I’ll still have time to write at least once a week (so no one panic lol). Anyways, I always feel better when I write stuff out so here it is. I’m a bit nervous. I’m not nervous about the class or the teacher or even having a new class or teacher but finding things. I am horrid with directions. I am attending a HUGE campus. My previous campus was small as was my high school. I’m just terrified I won’t find parking or my class in time. I am sure everything will be find but it’s about 10 minutes before I leave (and I am leaving an hour-and-a-half early) so I cannot think of anything to do than get nervous. Public speaking doesn’t phase me; being late for class, a re-occuring nightmare. Oh well… I suppose I’ll update later, if not here on Twitter I guess. I guess I just have to take a deep breath and trust God. 



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Favorite Quotes:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only once.” – George R. R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

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August 17, 2012 · 4:05 pm

So I Have A Problem: Anyone Up for a 30 Book Series?

30 is a random number. I could honestly write endlessly about my monster hunters. I have always been fascinated with the idea of hunters. This may or may not have begun with the TV show Supernatural. Even if it did, I can remember seeing commericals for season 1 air after Smallville and reading the episode descriptions in USA Today and thinking, “This is like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys except they fight monsters!” I remember looking the show up and reading the two main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, were trained by an ex-marine to be these warriors. I was fascinated. Now I have read/seen tons of hunter or hunter-like characters and have seen similiar ideas in all of them. Things like what it means to be human, the differences between the hunters and the monsters, what to do with the nice monsters, what happens if you fall in love with the monster, etc… There’s so many interesting ethincal issuses you can explore on top of supernatural melodrama like Jace may have demon blood not angel blood in him to normal melodrama such as Xander and Anya are both nervous about getting married.

I have my own set of hunters and it’s not like I love them any more or less than any other character I’ve written about it’s I don’t think I could leave the world I created. I could write tons of stories about tons of different hunters in order to explore all the ideas I have. Or, I could write many stories about the same group. I decided to go with the latter. I just hope people will like the idea. Because I have so much time to build up relationships, I don’t have a single kissing scene in the first book. After reading complaint after complaint about “insta-love” I figured that would be okay. I’m not sure if the general public are upset about “insta-love” or just hard-core readers who post reviews on Goodreads. Series are popular with YA today but how long can the series get before people start complaining? Would anyone hate it if there was a series with a long story arc that didn’t play a huge role in every book? Obviously, this wouldn’t be a TV show so I would not get too “monster of the week” and every book would have hints and pieces of a larger arc but I am wondering if that is satisfying enough. Would people be made if they picked up book two and figured out only two or more new things and no one has still kissed or would it make things more rewarding when the answers came and the couples finally did kiss? 


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Finished Editing

I had every intention of writing a post yesterday but I didn’t. I will refrain from any form of self-punishment because I managed to finish the Arthurian Legend story! Well, I have the rough draft done. So far I have two beta readers (who will be getting the story shortly). After they are through with it, I will make changes based on their suggestions and then edit the story again. If I cannot find anymore beta readers, I’ll cross my fingers and hope two was enough to catch everything, and then think about sending it out. I have finished two novels before, one will never see the ligth of day. The other I love dearly but I want to write about, oh, 30 something books about those characters, so it would be nicer to try and get something more normal published first. This Arthurian Legend story will be three books at the most and I feel is more typical of YA without being the same as others. Guess what guys, no the boy/girl she saw in her dreams, no insta-love, no vampires, and no Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters (in my head, I hope it translated to paper but that’s what beta readers are for!). It’s long (over 60,000) but not too long for YA. Just wish me luck with this one, I think it may see the shelves someday. 

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