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Hello Again: Always Editing and Blogging

Whew. I haven’t been on here in months, but that’s not the complete truth. I’ve been on WordPress, just not mine. I got hired by an online event company marketer. So, I’m on WordPress ALL THE TIME, but I’m writing blogs for different people! It’s nice to write one for myself these days!

Anyways, my sister and I have gone through our first edit of that giant fantasy story, oh yeah, we wrote it too. We’re both excited to stop talking about writing it and actually write it.



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Duel Writing: What I Learned… So Far

My sister and I are writing a series together. We just recently finished the first draft of the first book. Here’s the problem. It’s screamingly obvious who wrote what, at least it is to me. I see this as a temporary issue only. After editing this sucker a million times, it should become impossible to tell who wrote what… in theory.

Anyways, what this taught me is that I have a writing style. This should be a “duh” moment, but I never realized it because I’m so familiar with my own writing style. But when placed right next to another’s writing, my style is so present it jumps off the page.

I noticed I get inside the character’s head often (WAY more so than my sister). I’m also fairly light on description and bothering to make sure everything sounds flowerly. I don’t care if something sounds prettier, if it makes something more difficult to read, I change it. Less is more. If you can say something in three words or seven, why bother with seven even if it sounds fancier? I also noticed I rely heavily on dialog to get a character’s emotions across.

The biggest difference is with actions scenes. My sister tends to pull back and paint pictures with words. And then you get to mine. Short sentences. Unfinished thoughts. The feeling of panic… I try to make you feel what the character is, are they scared, calm, on auto-pilot? I’m not sure if I succeed (Confession: only my sister has ready my work so far. Though, when I cut off an action scene to another one she said she was dying to get back to that character, so that’s a good sign). I’m not sure if one style is better than than the other because everyone has their own opinions, but it’s just some things I noticed about how I write. And actually, I quite like it.

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The More the Merrier

I just got hired! I am currently working for 3 people as an editor/writer/social media assistant. But this last one wasn’t a volunteer job! I now work for BeatCreative as an assistant. I can’t wait to get started (I kinda already did, edited a post on WordPress of all things). Also, my afmily made a deal. If my sister or I can get an agent to pick up one of our stories (not published, just an agent), trip to (somewhere in) Europe. Either they don’t believe it’s going to happen or they REALLY want to motivate us (though, this is just an extra thing).


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On Writing

I must have read a million “50 Writing Tips” articles. Every time I read them I would only notice one or two things that were different from other articles I’ve read about writing. For a little while, I stopped reading them. Not a good idea.

Looking back, I remember what little things I learned from reading them. Some examples are write short and simple sentences when writing an action or suspensful scene because you don’t want to slow the reader down with heavy-handed words. Another, one of my personal favorites, addressed that issue about not using words like “She shouted” too often (I once read a book where the characters mumbled all the time, my sister and I made a joke that if they ever made a movie no one would be able to hear it!) or worse, having to resort to something terrible like “He chortled”. No one chrotles anything, not in real life anyways. It’s either that or use the word said ad nauseum (and that doesn’t sound good either). Anyways, the article said you can take a different route. When a character is speaking, instead of putting some verb that indicates speech, write in an action instead. Did the person look down when they said it? Did they jump up and down, go pale? Sometimes, I think this tells more about how something was said then searching for the right verb.

Basically, what I’m saying is those Writing Tips articles are actually extremely helpful. I didn’t remember ingesting the information I read from them until I really thought about where I got some of those ideas from. I’m sure some people already know this, but some of you may be like me and think writing or seraching for the perfect agent is a better use of your time. It’s not. Read those articles!

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Shattered Glass, New Ideas, Stupid Internet

I just finished reading/editing my sister’s book Shattered Glass. It’s in the beta reader stage. She doesn’t think it will be long before she tries to get an agent to accept it and that will be exciting (or dissapointing but even Harry Potter was turned down over and over so…). 

I am currently working on the second hunter’s story. My sister finished reading the Arthurian Legend story so I need to look at her suggestions and make changes as I see fit. I still have to plot out the end of that story. The problem is I could go in so many directions I keep thinking, “I could do this, or that, or what about that!” without ever sticking to one and fleshing it out. I did, however, finally figure out how to tell a story about someone who can manuplite fire. No one has any idea how exciting that is for me because I had that story idea for some time.

I would be writing right now if I could but I have school work I have to do. The thing is, the article I have to read is online. I could not be writing this article if the internet was working but it’s on Blackboard, which isn’t working. It hasn’t been working since I woke up (trust me I keep checking). This article is massive (I only have one for Tuesday so it HAS to be large). I have to write a 1-2 page response and I know I’ll have to keep trimming mine to keep it on two pages. I still have to find what I’m going to write about and everything. It’s just fustraiting because I want to get ahead, I want to be done with my school work by the end of the day and I’m not sure I can. I guess I may just be working on this paper till one in the morning if that’s how long it takes me to get this stupid website to work. 


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Finished Editing

I had every intention of writing a post yesterday but I didn’t. I will refrain from any form of self-punishment because I managed to finish the Arthurian Legend story! Well, I have the rough draft done. So far I have two beta readers (who will be getting the story shortly). After they are through with it, I will make changes based on their suggestions and then edit the story again. If I cannot find anymore beta readers, I’ll cross my fingers and hope two was enough to catch everything, and then think about sending it out. I have finished two novels before, one will never see the ligth of day. The other I love dearly but I want to write about, oh, 30 something books about those characters, so it would be nicer to try and get something more normal published first. This Arthurian Legend story will be three books at the most and I feel is more typical of YA without being the same as others. Guess what guys, no the boy/girl she saw in her dreams, no insta-love, no vampires, and no Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters (in my head, I hope it translated to paper but that’s what beta readers are for!). It’s long (over 60,000) but not too long for YA. Just wish me luck with this one, I think it may see the shelves someday. 

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Why I Haven’t Edited Today: Tori’s List of Lame Excuses

I am currently editing a story that deals with Arthurian Legend. It gets progressivly longer which sort of defeats the purpose of editing but I digress. I have never been more excited about this story than the last couple of days. As the title of this post indicates, I have not made the progress I originally envisoned. The should not come as a surprise to me as authors are famous for getting distracted by the Internet and I am no exception. This post is here to try and justify why I have been unproductive.

1. Rick Yancey: I am blaming my editing woes on one of my favorite authors. It took me to about page 5-ish of his novel The Monstrumologist to realize I was in love. Well, recently I learned he wrote another series that sounded interesting, the Alfred Kropp series. Well, I started that book yesterday and I’m on page 170.

2. Shopping: I mean, come on. It was the weekend. My whole family went out. I think this explains itself.

3. The Ocean: Same deal as above. My family was going to the ocean. And I, like the dutiful writer I am said, “No, I’m not going to the beach, I’m going to sit in front of my computer and edit this story I’ve read three times already.” Yeah…that didn’t happen.

4. TV/Movies/Sports: Falling Skies was new last night. I figured, whatever, it’s just one hour. When I watch a TV show, I watch every episode. Even Smallville. That’s right, I’ve seen every episode of Smallville, all 10 seasons. Anyways, later that night, my sister and I wanted to watch a horror movie. Dawn of the Dead got pulled from the bag. It was actually pretty good and *spoilers* Kevin Zegers was in it and he lived till the end Yea! *end spoilers* Tonight Teen Wolf is on. And think, this is summer TV. Just wait until the fall when like 6 shows come back. Also, I’m a die-hard NASCAR fan. There was a race on yesterday and I cannot express how perfect it went. I may do an entire off-topic post about it later. Let’s just say I bleed Jeff Gordon’s colors and he won!

5. Another Story: I know, I know. Red Flag! Red Flag! This girl can’t work on one story at a time! She’ll never get anything published! Not true! My sister, who is also a writer (follow her at http://ideastoworlds.wordpress.com/) (see what I did there? see what a great sister I am?), and I are working on a story together. I highly do not advise you ever try to write a story with someone you live with. Though, when we’re talking with the 7 different directors who want to turn out story into a movie, we’ll laugh at all the little squabbles we had over extremely important things like whether Isis is 16 or 17 (I’m not kidding). Anyways, right now we are making real progress and we haven’t fought about something in a few days so that may be a new record!

So, am I forgiven for not editing as much as I should have yet?

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