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Back to School Soon

I know I’ve been slightly inconsistent with posts (okay, that may be a slight over exaggeration). But hey, it’s never too late to post again (right?). School is right around the corner (too close to admit, trust me) so I figured now would be a good time to try and pick this up again.

Anyways, a summary of what’s important since I left:


*Michigan man Brad Keselowski is the current NASCAR cup holder!

*Peyton Manning has done better than anyone expected, and for some reason Matt Ryan is still not getting the attention he deserves (PLEASE let it be those two head-to-head in the SuperBowl). Eli Manning couldn’t pull his crap together, and the Lions sucked as usual.

*Wait, this isn’t a blog about sports, sorry, but I’m a little too die-hard to not at least MENTION what’s going on there. I promise though, no more sports until the SuperBowl (unless I could care less who wins) and Daytona 5oo.

So, some stuff actually relevant to what I promised this blog was about:

*My sister and I started Once Upon a Time. About time. Its first season was one of the most well put-together premier seasons I have ever seen (and I’ve seen too many to admit in public)

*Ariel (my writing partner in crime) and I have finally started the epic YA fantasy series we started on a whim one day when we were REALLY bored two or three ish years ago

*Part of my christmas gift was money to spend on books! Maybe some reviews soon? (I’m currently reading Libba Bray’s The Diviners and I love it so far).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


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I know this is off topic but I’m a HUGE NASCAR fan, like, I live and breathe the sport. My #1 is Jeff Gordon, alway has been always will be. He flat-out sucked this year. Well, okay, maybe it was just really sucky luck. But Gordon managed a win, then he started finishing half-way decently. It came down to the last race, this race at Richmond. At lap 143 he was 21st, one lap down.

He finished second, 3 points ahead of Kyle Bush. GORDON MADE THE CHASE! I can’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe it. Kasey Kahne was the other wild card spot and that’s amazing too. I feel horrible for Kyle Bush, but someone had to get kicked out. I haven’t seen Gordon race that hard in a long time. 

This is even better because my birthday is a few days away. This is a fairy tale, for me at least (and Gordon). If you haven’t guessed it yet, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a die-hard fan. Seriously, I just can’t… I would have never thought he would do this, but who am I kidding. He’s Jeff Gordon. I’ve seen him come back from worse. Gordon in the Chase! He’s 12 points out of the win. He could win the championship. I’m on cloud 9 right now. 


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