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Hello Again: Always Editing and Blogging

Whew. I haven’t been on here in months, but that’s not the complete truth. I’ve been on WordPress, just not mine. I got hired by an online event company marketer. So, I’m on WordPress ALL THE TIME, but I’m writing blogs for different people! It’s nice to write one for myself these days!

Anyways, my sister and I have gone through our first edit of that giant fantasy story, oh yeah, we wrote it too. We’re both excited to stop talking about writing it and actually write it.



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Back to School Soon

I know I’ve been slightly inconsistent with posts (okay, that may be a slight over exaggeration). But hey, it’s never too late to post again (right?). School is right around the corner (too close to admit, trust me) so I figured now would be a good time to try and pick this up again.

Anyways, a summary of what’s important since I left:


*Michigan man Brad Keselowski is the current NASCAR cup holder!

*Peyton Manning has done better than anyone expected, and for some reason Matt Ryan is still not getting the attention he deserves (PLEASE let it be those two head-to-head in the SuperBowl). Eli Manning couldn’t pull his crap together, and the Lions sucked as usual.

*Wait, this isn’t a blog about sports, sorry, but I’m a little too die-hard to not at least MENTION what’s going on there. I promise though, no more sports until the SuperBowl (unless I could care less who wins) and Daytona 5oo.

So, some stuff actually relevant to what I promised this blog was about:

*My sister and I started Once Upon a Time. About time. Its first season was one of the most well put-together premier seasons I have ever seen (and I’ve seen too many to admit in public)

*Ariel (my writing partner in crime) and I have finally started the epic YA fantasy series we started on a whim one day when we were REALLY bored two or three ish years ago

*Part of my christmas gift was money to spend on books! Maybe some reviews soon? (I’m currently reading Libba Bray’s The Diviners and I love it so far).

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

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YA High Fantasy

Hello world (well, mostly those who read young adult or high fantasy). My sister and I are working on a young adult/high fantasy series. We’ve been working on it for over a year…. (you did not read that wrong). It’s difficult because we have to agree on every small detail which is not small feat. We don’t just have the fact we are sisters working against us, but artists too and if you have ever seen on of those team challenges on Project Runway, you know artists don’t play well together. Luckily, my sister and I do play well, but that does not mean we disagree. Last night we were arguing over what the basic style of some of the lands were…. Not kidding.

Anyways, I was curious if young adult fans would read something considered high fantasy (well, I suppose by virtue of being a young adult novel (thus highly character focused) maybe it’s just middle fantasy… I’ll get experts chose after it’s published). I am also curious if high fantasy readers will see the typical YA cover and not read it despite the fact we’ve spent hours over maps and culture. 

It seems I keep asking this question, this “would read blank if I wrote it?” Is that good or bad I wonder. Good because my stories are not about vampires falling for werewolves or bad because no one has written that because no one will read that…. I suppose we will find out soon enough! 



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Why I Haven’t Edited Today: Tori’s List of Lame Excuses

I am currently editing a story that deals with Arthurian Legend. It gets progressivly longer which sort of defeats the purpose of editing but I digress. I have never been more excited about this story than the last couple of days. As the title of this post indicates, I have not made the progress I originally envisoned. The should not come as a surprise to me as authors are famous for getting distracted by the Internet and I am no exception. This post is here to try and justify why I have been unproductive.

1. Rick Yancey: I am blaming my editing woes on one of my favorite authors. It took me to about page 5-ish of his novel The Monstrumologist to realize I was in love. Well, recently I learned he wrote another series that sounded interesting, the Alfred Kropp series. Well, I started that book yesterday and I’m on page 170.

2. Shopping: I mean, come on. It was the weekend. My whole family went out. I think this explains itself.

3. The Ocean: Same deal as above. My family was going to the ocean. And I, like the dutiful writer I am said, “No, I’m not going to the beach, I’m going to sit in front of my computer and edit this story I’ve read three times already.” Yeah…that didn’t happen.

4. TV/Movies/Sports: Falling Skies was new last night. I figured, whatever, it’s just one hour. When I watch a TV show, I watch every episode. Even Smallville. That’s right, I’ve seen every episode of Smallville, all 10 seasons. Anyways, later that night, my sister and I wanted to watch a horror movie. Dawn of the Dead got pulled from the bag. It was actually pretty good and *spoilers* Kevin Zegers was in it and he lived till the end Yea! *end spoilers* Tonight Teen Wolf is on. And think, this is summer TV. Just wait until the fall when like 6 shows come back. Also, I’m a die-hard NASCAR fan. There was a race on yesterday and I cannot express how perfect it went. I may do an entire off-topic post about it later. Let’s just say I bleed Jeff Gordon’s colors and he won!

5. Another Story: I know, I know. Red Flag! Red Flag! This girl can’t work on one story at a time! She’ll never get anything published! Not true! My sister, who is also a writer (follow her at http://ideastoworlds.wordpress.com/) (see what I did there? see what a great sister I am?), and I are working on a story together. I highly do not advise you ever try to write a story with someone you live with. Though, when we’re talking with the 7 different directors who want to turn out story into a movie, we’ll laugh at all the little squabbles we had over extremely important things like whether Isis is 16 or 17 (I’m not kidding). Anyways, right now we are making real progress and we haven’t fought about something in a few days so that may be a new record!

So, am I forgiven for not editing as much as I should have yet?

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